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Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall when hit songwriters are creating magic? This one-of-a-kind DVD, featuring Tim Johnson and Clay Mills, pulls back the curtain to spotlight the differences in pro songwriting sessions vs. amateur. This 90 minute video is loaded with tips, techniques, and eye-opening reveals to take your writing to the next level!

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11 reviews for Amateur Vs. Pro Songwriting DVD (Digital Download)

  1. Troy Suggs

    Wow! I just finished watching the Amateur vs Pro DVD with Clay Mills and Tim Johnson. I have to tell you that (so far) that was the best 2 hours I’ve ever spent. I instantly recognized so many things that I do wrong. I wish I had watched years ago because I would not have wasted so many good ideas writing mediocre songs! If you have not watched this, BUY IT TODAY!   ~Troy D Suggs

  2. Lance Sims

    “I am a songwriter that has worked 8+ years to get a Nashville cut, and the last 5 years have been spent working tirelessly and traveling to and from Nashville to get into the room and write with hit writers. From what I have gleaned over the last several years writing in Nashville with my new found hit writer friends, this DVD is a MUST HAVE if you want a rare insight into what to expect when writing on a pro level. This beats any book that TELLS you how to do it. This is the closest you will get without actually being there. It is an invaluable resource…and no I am not being paid for this verbal “applaud”. It is simply a great teaching tool and an invaluable addition to your songwriting arsenal. I would like to rate it an A+.”  ~Lance Sims

  3. Glen MacNeil

    “I really enjoyed the DVD. You guys did a great job of capturing the real pro writing process which I have never been able to see before. One can only imagine how pros go about their daily process and now we can at least get a glimpse into that world through this DVD. Thank you.”  ~Glen MacNeil

  4. Sharyn Cassidy

    This is a wonderful resource and I’ve already found several areas in my co-writing that I’m going to change going forward!! This is a must-watch for anyone looking to learn how the pros write and want to improve their co-writing!   ~Sharyn Cassidy

  5. Mary Haller

    I HIGHLY recommend this DVD. A real eye-opener. It’s one thing to read how-to articles about co-writing, but seeing it in action — along with the valuable commentary from Clay and Tim — was really powerful for me.   ~Mary Haller

  6. Bonnie Pine

    EVERY songwriter should watch this! LOVED it! Just what I’ve wanted, to be a fly on the wall, & get “in the room” when two great pro writers are writing! Very helpful to see them take it from beginning to end, & also helped to clarify the things I’ve been doing right. Plus, you get to hear a really cool song they came up with…wish there were more of these available in this format & style, to see more pro writers when they cowrite, like Clay & Marty! Thanks for making available a very unique experience!

  7. Karen Kiley

    If you want to know the secrets into the soul of your songs and how to make the most out of your first, or next cowritting experience, you need to invest in yourself, and this Amateur Vs. Pro Series DVD. It will absolutely make you a better collaborator and enlighten your creative juices on how to approach and execute your co-writing sessions productively. I can’t wait to get in the room and cowrite now. I feel much better prepared and more confident that it’s going to work the way it should, and that I will be the kind of person and writer that somebody will love to write with. When you find a resource that changes you for the better, It’s impossible to keep it to yourself. So don’t forget to tell your co-writers to order one too. You will both be better writers. Clay Mills, Tim Johnson and everybody involved in the production did a fabulous job of putting it out there in a way that everybody can relate to and learn from. Straight Up, Karen Kiley


    I stumbled upon this randomly and I am glad I did! The information in the Amateur vs Pro DVD is spot on! I loved that it was all real. I could see my rookie mistakes playing out with the amateur songwriters and then I saw the pros utilizing some of the techniques I now use. Unfortunately for me, I had to learn the techniques through trial and error and some really awkward co-writes. I wished I would have seen this years ago and it would have made those first couple of co-writing sessions less awkward! 🙂

  9. Vicki (verified owner)

    What a great inside look into the approach and techniques used by hit songwriters in their co-writing sessions! I learned so much from this DVD that I can’t wait to put into practice. Thank you for making resources like this available to songwriters. – Vicki Leighty

  10. Russell (verified owner)

    If you have not checked out Clay Mills’ “Amateurs VS. Pros” dvd….You don’t know what you are missing! I truly believe this to be the best $ I have spent on songwriting period! ( I have spent a decent amount so far). I have heard bits and pieces on how the pros write together, but this will put you in the room and show you what they do! I personally found it to be interactive in a way also, as I found my brain wanting to find words, phrasing and melody; right along w/ Clay and Tim as they were creating a song. Thank you Clay for a phenomenal insight into what you do and how!

  11. Trey Willeford (verified owner)

    Really y’all this is an awesome tool….. I highly recommend….

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