Written by Clay Mills, Irene Kelley, & Little Big Town

I’ve been here before
It only made me cry
I felt so sure
I never questioned why

Till I woke up alone
That’s why I have to ask you
Baby, what’s behind your kiss?
I need to know your heart’s in this


I’m waiting for the kind of love
That is strong enough
To walk through anything
So don’t waste my time
(Don’t waste my time)

I only wanna play for keeps
Wanna fall in deep
If you don’t just say goodbye
Don’t waste my time

The words you say
Are what I wanna hear
Promises you make
Are music to my ears

Is it the heat
Of the moment talking?
Promises come easily
Give me something to believe


Time, time, time
(Time, time, time)


Yeah, yeah
Don’t waste my time


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