Written by: Clay Mills, Dave Berg, & Marla Cannon


Don’t it seem like the sun is a little bit brighter

Sittin’ a little higher in the sky today

Don’t it taste like the air that you’re breathin’s sweeter

Makes ya wanna breath deeper

Hey hey hey



You gotta love it when that someone you’re loving’ is

Lovin’ you right back

Your one and only is the only other one in this world

Makes ya feel like that

Everything she does just does it

Gotta love gotta love gotta love it


You look up and the leaves in trees are dancin

And just how it happened you can’t say

Those feelings that you thought were all behind you

Sneak up and find you remind you

It’s never too late



Nice and easy like a front porch swinging

Sunday morning feeling

Gotta love gotta love gotta love gotta love it




Thanks for posting Clay. This is a great lesson!
Awesome song as well.
Congrats on the cut!

I liove the way you pieced it all together from the process beginning to final release. It’s a great way to measure the progression. Great song as well Clay …. Gotta Love it

I love it

Oh yah!! Gotta love, gotta love it!

Love hearing the 3 versions of this song.

Hearing the 3-part process is what I thrive on as a songwriter aspiring for the next level. Thank you for sharing, Clay.

Love, love, love it!! I predict, it’s a Hit!! Very catchy, both the melody AND the lyric…actually, it sounds like a real sweet Country song! (Sarcasm)..of course w/Joe Nichols singing it…refreshing!

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