Written by Clay Mils, Darius Rucker, & Frank Rogers

Don’t move, baby don’t move
Ah, look at you, I just wanna take this in
The moonlight dancing off you skin

Our time, let’s take our time
I just wanna look in your eyes and catch my breath
‘Cause I got a feelin’


This could be a one of those memories
We wanna hold on to, cling to, the one we can’t forget
Baby this could be our last first kiss, the door to forever
What if this was that moment, that chance we’re takin’?
History in the makin’

Inside, baby inside
Can you fell the butterflies floatin’ all around?
‘Cause I can sure feel it now

Tonight, maybe tonight
Is the start of a beautiful ride that’ll never end
And baby I got a feeling


Right here, right now
Holdin’ you in my arms



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