Written by Clay Mills, Danielle Peck, & Burton Collins

You say you’re doin’ better
For your sake I hope it’s true
I wish you well
But that’s all that I can do

Save your ‘I’m sorry’s’
Just leave ’em out the door
You can’t make me feel
Guilty anymore

You say, I should stay with you
That Jesus forgives you
You pray I will, but I won’t
The difference is
Jesus loves you, I don’t

I know it sounds cruel
And it’s really not like me, but
You’ve put me in a place
I never thought I’d be

These tears that I’m crying
Are just tears of goodbye
I hope you find someone else
Somewhere in your life
Somewhere in your life


I don’t wanna know you still want me
Don’t need to hear you can’t sleep
No I don’t, no I don’t



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