Written by Clay Mills & John Wiggins

Now I know how Merle Haggard felt
When he sang the words mama tried
And I’ve lived those teenage Friday nights
The pyramid of cans in the pale moon light

And that summer Becky broke my heart
Alabama sang old flame burnin’
Well, I’ve measured George Strait, drank with George Jones
My life’s been a country song


It’s all about fallin’ down and gettin’ back up
Your good times and hard luck
True love and amazing grace
Workin’ all week for a backache

Raisin’ Caine, Friday nights
Sunday church to set it right
They can write it on my stone
My life’s been a country song

Now I know how Paycheck felt
When he told his boss to take his job and shove it
And I’ve had the girl that made me say
I like it, I love it, I want some more of it

And I’ll always remember just where I was
When the world stopped turnin’
Through the good and the bad, the right and the wrong
My life’s been a country song


It’s been the words when I couldn’t find ’em
A friend when I’ve been alone
It’s been a toast to the things remembered
The strength for movin’ on



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