Written by Clay Mills, Shane Minor & Sonny Lemaire

She thinks I walk on water
She thinks I hung the moon
She tells me every morning
They just don’t make men like you

She thinks I’ve got it together
She swears I’m as tough as nails
But I don’t have the heart to tell her
That she don’t know me that well


She don’t know how much I need her
She don’t know I’d fall apart
Without her kiss, without her touch
Without her faithful, loving arms
She don’t know that it’s all about her
She don’t know I can’t live without her
She’s my world, she’s my everything
And she thinks she needs me

Sometimes she cries on my shoulder
When she’s lying next to me
But she don’t know that when I hold her
That she’s really holding me, holding me


Yeah, and the funny thing is

She thinks she’s the lucky one


She thinks I walk on water
She thinks I hung the moon



Well written guys! I’m working on mastering my writing skills. Or trying to.

One of the most beautiful, true songs out there!!!!!

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