Written by Clay Mills & Matt Wertz

Shoot for the stars and your over the moon
Run ’round the sun a time or two
Ain’t no telling the things you’ll do
Whenever you love somebody, yeah.

You fly so high, swear you won’t come down
And find your heart buried in the ground
Lose yourself in the thing you found
Whenever you love somebody, yeah.

You risk it all to feel that fire
This crazy falling takes you higher, higher
You act the fool, oh, ain’t that the truth
Whenever you love somebody
Whenever you love somebody
Like I love you

It’ll wreck your world, it’ll bring you peace
Make you bulletproof, bring you to your knees
But if you keep playing, it’ll never leave
Whenever you love somebody, yeah.


Oh, the touch of her hand, the taste of her kiss
Heart to heart, baby, skin to skin
Lead you on and more, bring you back again



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